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One of the five powerful principles is persistence, not quitting, even in a seemingly hopeless situation as above.


Five powerful principles that you can use today that may change your life tomorrow!



In 1994 a series of events convinced Wayne that he needed to try to help others overcome perceived obstacles in life. The motivational presentation, "You've Got the Magic", was born.  In this inspiring talk, he uses his magic, humor, poignant stories and examples, and five "success concepts" to motivate others to excel. These five powerful principles can be used today and they may change your life tomorrow. 

For groups who are interested,  Mr. Alan, a Christian, will share his faith in God and how it has helped him to have a more fulfilling business and personal life. He has spoken at corporate meetings, for business organizations, as well as at schools, churches and even a homeless shelter. The following quote from a client further describes the presentation:


Two spectators from the audience strap Wayne into a regulation strait jacket.

In a dramatic and memorable way, persistence is demonstrated as Wayne attempts to escape from a strait jacket while he recites the famous poem, "Don't Quit".


"Finally may I thank you for the corporate presentation that you gave to the group of our key Sales Executives. Linking as you did the word MAGIC into themes of essential performance qualities necessary for success, I think brought a very different and new perspective to what is not necessarily a new topic. Interspersed as it was with a number of illusions and delivered in a very personal style that came across as very much genuine and honest certainly struck a chord with the group and again very positively received."

    Leighton Farrell
    Manager Special Programs 
    Optus Communications
    Melbourne, Australia

Six months later we received a fax from Mr. Farrell that said the following: 

"By - the - way your poem, "DON'T QUIT" has become something of the motivational hit here! I cannot tell you how many people have it pinned prominently on their desks. Even, sometimes, framed."


Our Clients include:

AT&T, Avis, Babcock & Wilcox, Bristol-Myers, BF Goodrich, Cable & Wireless,  Comsat, Hercules, IBM, ITT, NCR, PPG, Rockwell International, US Navy, Xerox, Westinghouse, Zenith, plus numerous associations and business groups.




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