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Custom Illusion Presentations 

STRETCHING A BUCK-We had this illusion custom designed and built for our client. A lady from the audience is humorously stretched to show the audience how they can stretch their marketing dollars.


       When you choose magic as a theme for your meeting or special event you are assured of a truly fun, exciting and memorable experience.  For General

Electric's national meeting, we made their president magically appear to open the session. You might want us to levitate your product, as we did a computer for Unisys Corporation at their themed meeting, "We've Got the Magic". Or we can make your product magically appear, as we did a motorcycle for Harley-Davidson at their Annual Dealer's Meeting. For GTE Sylvania, we performed the spectacular "Lightbulbs Through Woman", among other illusions, for their national meeting.
          We always try to make your executives the "stars" of the show. For an exciting introduction of your speakers or executives, you might choose to have us magically produce them or saw them in half. For an added touch, we might teach them small magic tricks to incorporate into their speeches. This always keeps the audience involved and responsive. As an example, during your financial officer's speech he sets his notes on fire, whereupon they instantly turn into a big pile of dollar bills.


 LIGHT BULBS THROUGH GIRL-This is one of numerous custom illusions used for GTE Sylvania's National Sales Meeting.    

GRAND FINALE- The entire cast comes back for a final bow and the company's name is magically spelled out.


REDUCING MACHINE-A member of the sales team is brought on stage to demonstrate in a very comical yet dramatic way how to reduce costs while at the same time raising profits.

SWISS CHALET  production of a lady and a little girl for a sales meeting of travel agents.


Our Clients include:

AT&T, Avis, Babcock & Wilcox, Bristol-Myers, BF Goodrich, Cable & Wireless,  Comsat, Hercules, IBM, ITT, NCR, PPG, Rockwell International, US Navy, Xerox, Westinghouse, Zenith, plus numerous associations and business groups.


Wayne Alan's Custom Illusion Presentations 
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